Mobile Banking

The Mobile Web service available in MemberDirect® allows you to perform banking functions on your smartphone. The mobile banking experience has been enhanced significantly and you’ll find it so much easier to do your banking on the go!


The Mobile Web service allows you to perform the following banking functions:

  • View account balances and activity;
  • Perform immediate and future-dated transfers;
  • View scheduled transfers;
  • Delete scheduled transfers;
  • Make immediate and future-dated payments;
  • View scheduled bill payments;
  • Delete scheduled bill payments;
  • Send e-money transfers; and
  • Receive e-money transfers.


You can also use the following non-banking functions and features:

  • Memorized accounts for multiple users;
  • Help feature;
  • Contact LVCU; and
  • Security and legal information.

*Note that when you are using the Mobile Web, you must be logged in to use the banking functions, but you do not have to be logged in to use the non-banking functions.


Other Mobile Web features include:

  • A banner that points to the Mobile Web version of the site when you visit our regular online banking site using a mobile phone. Go to and select “Online Banking” from the blue navigation bar.
  • An icon on the home screen of your device.

After your device has been registered for increased authentication, when you sign on you will see the personal access and image you chose during registration. If you are sure you are signing into LVCU, you will enter their login information and click Login.


As with the other MemberDirect® online services, you can use “memorized accounts” in Mobile Banking to speed up the login process. The Memorized Accounts function can be used with smartphones, to “memorize” the branch and member numbers for accounts that you access frequently, so that you do not need to enter them each time you log in.
The PAC is never memorized and must be entered each time you access a memorized account. If the Increased Authentication feature is used, the image, phrase, and challenge questions and answers cannot be memorized. You can also remove memorized accounts when they are no longer needed.


In order to memorize an account, you must have cookies enabled on your mobile device.
The system adds a cookie with the memorized information to your device, to be displayed when you display your list of memorized accounts.

Add an LVCU Shortcut or Favorite link to your Smartphone or PC Web Browser

  1. Navigate to the Lake View Credit Union website and click the “Online Banking” link on the far right of the blue banner located at the top of home page.
  2. Use your smart phone to create a Favorite or Shortcut icon to this page for ease of access in the future. You may also feel free to bookmark this site or add as a favorite via your web browser on your personal computer for quick access to your membership services.



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