• As of June 1, 2019, fees for Point of Sale purchases, Pre-authorized debits, Withdrawals at Teller, Utility Payments at Teller and Trasfers at Teller will be increasing from $.80 to $1.50. If you have any questions with respect to this, please contact us to discuss further.

Plan 24

Plan 24 is a simple daily savings account, where you earn interest and always have complete access to your money.


  • Interest accrues daily and is paid at the end of the month;
  • Your debit card allows point of sale purchases and ATM withdrawals;
  • Online banking makes bill payments and internal account transfers possible;
  • Want to come into the branch? We can do deposits, withdrawals, transfers and bill payments as well; and
  • Your deposit and interest are always safe. All money on deposit with and money invested in non-equity shares of a BC credit union is 100% guaranteed, including foreign currencies and accrued interest, regardless of the length of the term to maturity.


Our Plan 24 is a useful savings account that allows you to earn interest on your money and still be able to use it on a day to day basis without high service charges.

Interest made on daily minimum balance Paid monthly
Online/ATM banking transactionsFree
Number of free transactions (After your first two transactions, service charges are pay as you go.)Two
Point of Sale (debit card purchases)$1.50
Pre-authorized debit$1.50
Withdrawals at Teller$1.50
Utility Payment at Teller$1.50
Transfer at Teller$1.50

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