Financial Planning

No matter what your financial goals are, the first step to successfully achieving them is to make a plan.

At Lake View Credit Union, we’re committed to helping you get, and stay, on the right financial path. Our team of industry experts will provide you with the tools and advice you need to invest in your community, your life and your dreams.

We Can Help With

Major Purchases

Throughout your life, you will most likely make at least one signficant purchase requiring the assistance of a financial institution. Whether it’s buying a home, renovating that home, starting a business, or fulfilling a dream, there are some important guidelines and principles to keep in mind when making a major purchase. Be it mortgages, lending or high-interest saving accounts, let Lake View Credit Union help guide you in these vital decisions.


As post-secondary learning becomes increasingly important for career prospects and advancement, education becomes ever more instrumental in achieving your dreams. Whether you’re going back to school yourself, or helping a loved one, Lake View Credit Union can offer Studen Loans, Registered Educations Savings Plans, Bursaries and everything in between.


No matter what stage you’re at in your working life, or what your lifestyle goals in retirement might be, Lake View Credit Union, and our in-house Wealth Management partners, Credential, can provide insight into the many options available. We offer a full suite of financial products and services for all investor types to help you make sure that when the time comes to retire, you’re excited, not anxious, about the future.

Estate Planning

The last thing a loved one wants to contend with at a time of loss is a legal and financial mess. No matter your net worth or your current health, making sure your estate is in tip top shape can significantly ease the burden, both emotionally, and with respect to taxation, your friends and family will have to bear in the event of your passing.


Maybe one of the most important recurring purchases you’ll make throughout your life. Especially up here in the North, the ability to retain employment and live a comfortable lifestyle is more often than not dictated by access to transportation. With incredibly competative rates, and employees that see the whole picture, not just a credit score, Lake View Credit Union can provide for all of your automobile financing needs!

Toys and Vacations

We get it. You work hard, sometimes you want to play hard too. We can help with that also. There’s a smart way to plan for fun, whether you’re into Toys or Vacations. Come talk with us about how to live the good life without breaking the bank.

Rough Patches

Unfortunately, in a Northern, resource based economy, it’s not uncommon for the occasional downturn to overturn even the best laid plans. Lake View Credit Union is part of your community and we understand that when times get tough, even a little bit of help can go a long way. One of the most important steps in coming through a rough patch in tact is to be prepared and know your options.

Financial Literacy

Although there’s no shortcut to financial literacy, the friendly, professional staff at Lake View Credit Union can help make sure you don’t take a wrong turn and end up lost. Whether you’re 10 years away from retirement or applying for your first credit card, you’re ability to understand and navigate the world of finance will have a profound impact on your life choices and opportunities. It’s never too early, or too late, to let us help get you started down the right path.

Financial Planning Help

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